A Young Anabaptist takes flight

Almost a year ago, a step onto a plane was the first into a whole new world of not only learning many new things, but meeting a bunch of inspiring people. In February 2016, my first year as a member of the Young Anabaptists (YABs) Committee started... Selengkapnya

New Young Anabaptists Committee Meets in Indonesia

Less than a year ago, I hadn’t the faintest idea that I would be in Indonesia this February, let alone have four new friends from four different continents. But that’s what happens when you engage in your global faith community: you end up in places... Selengkapnya

Giving and receiving in the mission of the global church: A concrete action

Our brother Hippolyto has reminded us of something we must never forget: mission is holistic, and thus, evangelism is comprehensive. In specific terms, we understand that this means that the good news must be proclaimed regarding all areas of human... Selengkapnya

GYS sends a strong call to impact the world by sharing gifts

Anabaptist youth from around the world learn and fellowship together at summit The three-day Mennonite World Conference (MWC) Global Youth Summit (GYS) at Messiah College, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA, concluded Sunday, 19 July 2015, with a... Selengkapnya

Young Anabaptists: the present church

YABs take the stage at PA 2015 and set plans for their future They have a relatively short history, but their voices at PA 2015 were arresting and incisive. In fact, the Young Anabaptists’ presentations throughout the morning worship at the Assembly... Selengkapnya

Global young adult advocates at UN with MCC

New York, USA – Juan Sebastián Pacheco Lozano is uniquely qualified for his position as the International Volunteer Exchange Program (IVEP) participant serving as the Mennonite World Conference (MWC) intern at Mennonite Central Committee’s (MCC)... Selengkapnya

The witness of Regina Mondez

On the morning of 7 November 2013, Regina Mondez, along with most people of the Philippines, was anxiously tracking the radar images of a massive storm heading directly toward them. Even before super typhoon Haiyan slammed into the islands of the... Selengkapnya

Project: A-Mar, or Oceans of Love

South American Mennonite youth build friendships across borders Cartagena, Chile – When talking about the sea and border problems between Chile and Bolivia, it is common to hear derogatory and xenophobic comments that mirror patriotic ideas, and... Selengkapnya

South Korean CO released from prison

Sang-Min Lee freed after 15 months in jail for refusing mandatory military conscription Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA - Sang-Min Lee, a South Korean Mennonite conscientious objector (CO) has been released from prison. Lee was sentenced to 18 months... Selengkapnya

South Korean CO asks: “Can I kill?”

GOSHEN, Indiana, USA — When 27-year-old SangMin Lee, a Mennonite conscientious objector from South Korea, was sentenced to 18 months in prison, the global Mennonite church community provided support in the form of letters and prayers. In early... Selengkapnya

New generation of YABs committee members

Bogota, Colombia – Five new young adults have been appointed to represent young people from their continental regions in Mennonite World Conference (MWC) on the Young AnaBaptists (YABs) Committee. Makadunyiswe Doublejoy Ngulube (Zimbabwe), Ebenezer... Selengkapnya

“We should do this again”

A glimpse of Assembly 2015, a glimpse of God’s intention to bring peoples together, a calling for one multicultural congregation “We should do this again!” commented a Hmong young adult, a sentiment heard often after Kitchener First Mennonite Church... Selengkapnya

Sharing our gift of prayers for Ukraine

GYS hears the challenges of the Mennonite church in Ukraine More than a year ago, Crimea – a Russian-speaking province on the south of Ukraine – was taken over by Russia through some military actions and a referendum. The conflict has since expanded... Selengkapnya

Walking in Receiving and Giving: Judit Menéndez

Economic hardship in Spain strengthens faith Judit Menéndez, MWC Global Youth Summit delegate from Spain, shared her church’s story of Walking in Receiving and Giving as her country experiences its worst economic crisis since the civil war in the... Selengkapnya

After 25 years, tide begins to turn for conscientious objectors in Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia - “Pray, pray fervently that God will bring his favour, and that my case will become a door that many young people can walk through as well,” Colombian Reinaldo Aguirre pleaded to the church throughout his three years of... Selengkapnya

Global Youth Summit to precede PA 2015 Assembly

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA – An international group of young Anabaptists – called the YABs Committee for short – are deep into planning the next Global Youth Summit (GYS), which will immediately precede the upcoming Mennonite World Conference... Selengkapnya

Young adults offer imaginative support to MWC Assembly

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – A group of young adults in Manitoba are producing “bread cloths” and then selling them to raise both money and awareness for the July 2015 Mennonite World Conference Assembly and Global Youth Summit. “Since we are the... Selengkapnya

Central American youth explore aspects of their Mennonite identity

Heredia, Costa Rica – Mennonite young people from a variety of countries came together for the annual Central American Mennonite Youth Conference in Costa Rica 27-30 March 2013. One hundred and twenty youth representatives from Guatemala, Honduras,... Selengkapnya

Congolese youth strengthen ties

DR Congo — In a world where differences and distance often divide people of faith, Mennonite youth in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are participating in an exchange program to strengthen ties among the country’s three Mennonite conferences... Selengkapnya

My experience of culture shock from Indonesia to Colombia

My name is Rut Arsari Christy and I am from Indonesia. In my home country, I attend a Mennonite church called GITJ Kelet, part of the Mennonite World Conference member church Gereja Injili di Tanah Jawa. The influence of the Dutch’s culture and... Selengkapnya